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Frenchman Swim English Channel
By David at 09/18/2010 - 20:23

Frenchman Without Limbs Swimming English Channel
According to The Associated Press, a Frenchman whose arms and legs were amputated is attempting to swim across the English Channel using leg prostheses that have flippers attached. Philippe Croizon, 42, set off from Folkestone on the British side of the English Channel and is expected to reach the French coastline early Sunday, after a journey that might take up to 24 hours. Croizon's specially designed leg protheses, which end in flippers, allow him to propel himself through the water. His truncated upper arms go through the motions of the crawl, and he breathes through a snorkel. The swimmer lost his arms and legs after being electrocuted in 1994 as he stood on a ladder adjusting his television antenna, which touched a power line.
Excerpt from     I decided to live on 5 March 1994, Philip Croizon sees his destiny changed forever. Then he dismantles the television antenna of its home, it affects the power line. He is electrocuted if the first discharge of 20,000 V kill instantly, the second brings it to life. until firefighters arrived, his wife and son help me helplessly as its combustion. When, two months after the shock, he wakes up, it is quadrilateral amputee and wrapped pipe in a room sterile . Two "solution" offered to him, decided to live or die. He chose to rebuild. Jeremy For 7 years, and Gregory, born a few months after the accident. Miracle of the will, after one hundred hours of anesthesia and operation, to succeed Philippe Croizon market, drive and even to repeat scuba diving - his favorite sport. written with the aid of software voice recognition, I decided to live do not come back on the incredible journey of a man who, after 12 years of fighting, did not surprise us. This book is an incredible sound of courage and optimism, the proof that nothing is impossible.


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