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Ancient Gaul

Ancient Europe began to be populated by Homo sapiens beginning in 190,000 B.C. However, it is said that those humans in what we now call Europe died off 30,000 years ago during a period of extremely cold weather. Then, around 2510 B.C the Celts came from Central Europe and settled in a region known as Gaul (current-day France). The Celts dominated Gaul until 125 B.C., when the Roman Empire began its reign in the southern part of France. Julius Caesar conquered a portion of Gaul in 57 to 52 B.C., and Gaul remained under Roman control until the Franks invaded in the 5th century A.D.

Gaul was divided into seven sections which would be known today as provinces. The Romans were very concerned about local populations developing their own sense of identity and began to displace them so they could avoid a threat to the Roman integrity. That's why many Celts were moved and enslaved out of Gaul.


Gaul was under the Romans’ control and influence for centuries, and the Roman Empire did indeed bring about considerable cultural evolution.



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