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07-27-2009, 09:46 PM
Worldwide Funding Opportunity

We are actively looking for opportunities to invest, either in the open market or via structured PIPEs, in both public and private companies (willing to go public) with over $1.5M in run-rate EBITDA or Pretax Profit or over $1.5M in run-rate EBITDA or Pretax Profit with acquisitions. If you know of any public firms looking to raise capital or any private firms looking to go public through the reverse merger process and raise capital simultaneously feel free to contact me directly - work number US (914) 613-3002 or Japan (03) 6657 8339. We can let you know very quickly if this is an opportunity for us.

Wakabayashi Fund is an investment firm focusing on the small-cap and mid-cap industry.
- We are a risk adverse investor and utilize a bottoms-up fundamental research approach
- Our focus is on profitable width '100%' companies or companies that are looking to make an acquisition to bring them to profitability
- Do not utilize any short selling or hedging strategies with regards to any of our investment positions.
- Are long-term focused investor and never focus on any technical trading strategies in order to earn a return
- Industry Focus: All industries
- We invest in public and private companies (when investing in private companies we will acquire them through an existing public entity shell)
- We implement an intensive due diligence process before making any investment. We pride ourselves on our efficient and thorough due diligence process, which allows us to close transactions in weeks, versus months for other private equity funds

Wakabayashi Fund investment in companies is typically allocated for
- Funding rapid internal growth
- Recapitalizations and balance sheet restructurings
- Acquisitions or mergers
- Acquisition of interests in or entire companies from selling shareholders, financial owners, or strategic owners