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Two Centuries of Friendship
By David at 05/11/2009 - 05:40

Two Centuries of Friendship

America’s contribution to the liberation of France was the most recent chapter in a friendship that has spanned two centuries. From La Fayette to D-Day traces that alliance from General Lafayette’s decisive aid to the American colonies in 1781, to that early June morning of 1944 on the beaches of Normandy. The Franco-American friendship has produced a cultural richness evident in figures like Alexis de Toqueville, Benjamin Franklin, Jean-Jacques Audubon, the Statue of Liberty, Gertrude Stein and Sidney Bechet.

Source: From La Fayette to D-Day, was published by Editions Italiques in 1994 under the auspices of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Press, Information and Communication office.


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