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Response to a question from Jean-Pierre Bel
By David at 06/27/2009 - 05:36

Response to a question from Jean-Pierre Bel (PS) at topical issues in the Senate
"Mr. President, Dear Senators,
Thank you, Mr. Speaker Bel, I ask this question I will repeat before the Upper House that I said yesterday to the National Assembly.
We have, with the President of the Republic, after two years of intensive reforms (more than 60 reforms) decided to reorganize the Government. We have made changes in the Government, we have not changed the Government. This means that we have not changed their policy.
The policy is that we drive to which you object for two years and this is what the majority supports the last two years. And in these circumstances I see no reason to make you waste your time by organizing a general policy debate would be to repeat what we said and to seek the confidence of a majority supporting the Government.
The policy that led the Government, Sir Bel, it is simple: we want to increase the recovery effort, because I would remind you that we are in a global economic crisis. All European countries around us are in the same situation, with increases in unemployment, which are often much more important than in our country. To increase the recovery effort, we will define together with you, priorities, strategic sectors, which we will devote additional resources to better prepare for the future, ie create the jobs of tomorrow . And here, Mr President of the Socialist Group, you'll obviously your say, and you will have the debate you want, since it is in the coming weeks that Parliament will decide on the strategic sectors in which we spend the additional resources of borrowing country.
Then the second priority of Government is to implement all the commitments of the Grenelle of the environment to reorient the economic model to french green growth. Again, there is nothing new, these are the commitments that were made before the Senate and before the National Assembly that will be implemented.
We want to continue structural reforms to modernize our country, and the main which is included in the agenda of your work is the reform of the organization of territory. Again, the debate will take place and you will have the opportunity in the fall to decide on a new organization of our territory and a reform of our taxation.
Finally, we want to strengthen our social contract. In this spirit, you have to discuss the reform of vocational training and the extension of the transition. We want that all those who, because of this crisis in particular, can lose their jobs, have a full year of salary with training that will enable them to bounce back when we emerge from this crisis.
And finally, regarding the social contract, the president proposed a national debate in mid-2010 on the evaluation of successive reforms of our pension and, where appropriate, new decisions. Again, why expect a debate to be held in mid-2010, which should first require a discussion with the social partners, a debate with the French, before the Parliament takes, where appropriate, the necessary decisions.
You see, Mr President of the Socialist Group, there is no reason to hold a policy debate. The truth, I say to you in friendship, I think it's less to the Government to claim the confidence of the majority party and the opposition to question why it has not among the french people.


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