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The Prime Minister at the Technopole Meeting
By David at 07/16/2009 - 04:43

The Prime Minister at the Technopole Meeting
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Honorable Ministers,
Mr Mayor, Ladies
Ladies and gentlemen,
Speaker of the Regional Council
Madam President of the General Council
Ladies and gentlemen elected
Ladies and Gentlemen
In this period of hardship, we must all in the same spirit, in front of the shock, that the former model has reached its limits, and to invent tomorrow's world. We must unite our efforts to build the USA, basically, we want to bequeath to our children. Having clear, bold duty, the duty of unity: this triple requirement, Reunion has endorsed immediately. And that's what I came here to greet, in addressing you.
Placing sustainable development at the heart of its development strategy, choosing to organize as a real social project, focusing on intelligence and innovation, Reunion has chosen the future and modernity. And I think the meeting can be proud of the example they provide to France. Obviously, constraints and challenges to overcome. These constraints and challenges are considerable. But you made the choice to go beyond it, you made the choice to convert, you have opted for them to bring about a new project.
And the conclusion of the General, which I attended this morning, has shown very vividly ago in The Meeting all the ingredients to prepare the society of tomorrow. The island, the rugged landscape, the smallness of the territory, the fragility of biodiversity, population growth, the concentration of people on the coast: this, with the GERRI project, the meeting decided to integrate it into what 'can be described as a truly surpassing oneself.
Similarly, with the choice of research and innovation, which the Technopole is the symbol, you capitalize one of the main strengths of the meeting: the high level of training and the dynamism of the population. This approach is consistent ambition that my government is for France as a whole, and I am happy to see them as a promising example. The Research Center and watch on emerging diseases in the Indian Ocean, we are inaugurating today is an extra room in this system.
This Center, which gets the Meeting, it is a tool dedicated to the care of the most developed in France, a place for medical research, in its most complex, is a research dimension International, which includes already the most prestigious institutions of French research, which is a platform for cooperation, to meet the challenge, each day more critical, new diseases, and it is a place where, in advance on the metropolis, and in the face of global challenges as that of influenza A, you can anticipate, analyze, propose, act as a sentinel, and finally, is the story of a bet Reunion, a bold gamble, a bet made in difficult conditions, but which is now managed by the mobilization of all energies.
The island of Reunion, the island is obviously intense and I spoke yesterday of intense Republic. Maybe we can also say that the island of Reunion, the island of all challenges. Since it is inhabited, people have ceased to meet the challenges of nature, thus forging a common history and culture, including the GERRI project is a direct heir. Here, since 350 years, we face with courage to destructive hurricanes. You control a land of contrasts, sea and high mountains, tropical heat and cool altitude. We discover every day the rich biodiversity and endemic species which nest between the Piton des Neiges and Piton de la Fournaise. Here, the gateway to Africa and the confines of the Indian peninsula, 800,000 inhabitants, which will be one million in 2030, are living a blend of backgrounds and cultures that enrich each other. Today, the meeting for neighbors in the middle of a continent population explosion, and another economic boom in almost structural.
These essential features of your island remind you every day: the opening to the world is both a challenge of every moment, and an absolutely essential condition of development and progress. Better than anyone, you know that the invention of new business models is not inevitable to suffer, but it is a choice of will. And you have demonstrated consistently throughout your history, the cultivation of coffee to new technologies, through the manufacture of cane sugar, vanilla culture, tourism, transportation and modern sustainable development.
Today, your ambition is to make the meeting the first jurisdiction in the world of integration and convergence of renewable energy and sustainable development. With the GERRI project, you develop one of the most promising of the Grenelle de l'Environnement, that we wanted, we have succeeded, and today the France of one of the most advanced in its thinking and the implementation of its sustainable development project. For years, many initiatives prefiguration, some public, others private, were carried out locally, in areas as diverse as hydropower, electricity from bagasse, wind farms, photovoltaic structures, solar water heaters, colleges and high schools "High Environmental Quality". You have seized the opportunity to enhance the Grenelle these actions, and amplifier in a real social project, complete and consistent.
GERRI than an opportunity: a chance for businesses to compare in vivo of future technologies, with a young and growing. This is an optimization of the characteristics of the overseas, to build a true society for innovation. Here at the Meeting, on a small area, many resources are available, under the best conditions: wind, sun, drinking water, the sea many innovations are at work to convert these natural energy resources and wealth. And just to illustrate the convergence and integration of all these innovations in a single place where they will be able to actually interact with each other.
The key innovation is the convergence, and it is the cross-fertilization of talent and resources. That is what we implement, with the poles of competitiveness. These poles are irreplaceable meeting points between companies, universities and research institutions. I mean the pole Reunion, which is the only overseas, which is devoted to agro-nutrition in the tropics, is also a good example. The remarkable interest GERRI project is to provide a framework for the convergence of innovations. All companies are, or will face the transition energy. And here, you can make this transition in society, in the city, in life. You will be able to change society, but taking into account the existing, taking into account the history, taking account of reality.
How this dynamic is it possible? I believe it is because the meeting has combined two factors for success. First, its ability to convert the constraints into an asset: the narrowness of the area can offer perfect visibility of the projects and their implications, and the island ensures that testing is concentrated where it appeared without dispersion to neighboring territories. Precisely what are looking for companies interested in GERRI: a place of experimentation, in very good conditions, and the ability to quickly observe the results of their innovations on the entire society in terms of technological efficiency as terms of social acceptance. Second factor of success: the convergence of local and national actors, convergence is essential for successful projects of this ambition.
Among these projects, some are now well advanced, particularly in the field of housing and construction, and many are starting up and design. I believe they also lead, through the enabling environment that is created with GERRI. I think the creation of a public research center / private partnership, with the EDF, on marine energy. I also believe the deployment of air conditioning technologies collectively, by sea water drawn deep. Again, the meeting offers ideal conditions for experimentation. I know that the municipalities of Saint-Denis and Saint Mary are positioned, with the concern for achieving a very ambitious project in the coming months. I think, finally, to the many innovative projects in renewable energy, whether in the field of photovoltaic or wind power.
The meeting place is a veritable profusion of ideas, which will join elected officials and industrialists, to write our common future. I want to confirm that the Government wishes to support and accompany this movement. I consider as an investment GERRI innovative, we can expect major impact on local and national but also international. The Government will therefore fully support its operational structure, we are launching today, which will be chaired by Jacques de Chateauvieux. The State will be naturally present, along with its public and private partners. And I hope that this structure is a reflection of the exemplary partnership approach between all development actors and Reunion, which led to the emergence of GERRI.
I also hope - and Jouanno Chantal, who accompanied me today, there will carefully - as this project continues to play a pioneering role in the continuation of the Grenelle de l'Environnement. And I want to announce that the Government intends to develop this project for a specific device, enabling it to explore the whole range of possibilities. Experimental measures can be initiated, to allow for more rapid deployment of some projects. This will involve, for a limited time, a dozen steps. It will test size of which could, if successful, be replicated in other overseas departments, but also in France or Europe.
Ladies and gentlemen, the culture of adversity and the excess is inseparable from your history, this culture is still alive and well, I have seen throughout this period, and with you here. It adapts to the contemporary world in a way that commands respect. GERRI The project is a wonderful ambition. Its achievement will require a long-term effort, but I trust the meeting, this land of many challenges for the project. Remember, in any case, my dear compatriots meeting that France and Europe is watching with great admiration, and expect a lot from the experience that will be conducted here.


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