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The Prime Minister at the inauguration of the council Mamoudzou
By David at 07/16/2009 - 04:26

Honorable Ministers, ladies and gentlemen, Mr President of the General Council, Mr Mayor, fellow elected officials, ladies and gentlemen, Dear friends,
Usher in a new town hall at the time will create a new department in the French Republic, is a symbol that rejoices the heart of all Republicans and I will say that those who accompany me today, Patrick Devedjian, Hervé Novelli Marie-Luce Penchard, we came to bring us the testimony of respect and affection of the Republic. I will be pleased to participate just now at the conclusion of the General. This will be an opportunity for me to watch with you what are the objectives of development are those in your community, I want to take this opportunity to commend the municipality of this county, the principal of Mayotte, which is destined to become the spearhead of departmentalization.
On March 29, the effect Mahorais have reaffirmed their strong determination to make the 101st Mayotte french department. This dream, he was raised by several generations. You are the children of the great names of history Mahoran, Zaina M'dere, Younoussa Bamana, Marcel Henri, Meresse Zaina, Zoubert Adibane! This dream, many have told you they shared, but the reality is that no one had dared to really implement it. The President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, you wrote in 2007 that he was prepared to initiate this process with you and then the whole government was mobilized for you to decide quickly. And you at 95%, you said yes to that Mayotte be transformed into a department.
The Government has agreed and has already tabled a Bill which establishes the "Department of Mayotte". This transformation will become effective at the next renewal of the General Council in March 2011. Will be at this time is a full service department, a full-fledged department, a department which, moreover, is acting missions in a region. A new assembly will be elected in full at the time. I asked Marie-Luce Penchard, Secretary of State responsible for Overseas Territories to hold in September, the dialogue with you on the number of advisers of the new assembly and the mode ballot. I hope that the proposals that you will get respect three principles: it requires a stable assembly to manage the future of this department and should be a great choice of transparency and simplicity for voters.
Ladies and gentlemen, the departmentalization is a new balance of powers, a new balance of power that will give more responsibility to local actors. The General Council will become the central actor in economic and social development of Mayotte. And seventeen municipalities will play the same role in the mainland or close to the Meeting. With the new pleas of local taxation, they will be first in line on the facilities, social work or planning. Symbol of this development, the council Mamoudzou will become the seat of a municipal power renovated to serve the citizens. The state, meanwhile, remain at your side. Its services will support you in implementing the departmentalization, with the Pact that the Government has proposed and that you approved.
The pact, we engage, we engage each other on policy dialogue and on the calendar.
We will move forward together in building this department, we will make a gradual and planned. We try where possible to go faster, at every opportunity we will be given by the progress made by the territory, but we will also not undermine the economic, social and cultural. We need the departmentalization leaves nobody on the board.
I know - and you recall, Mr. Mayor - the impatience expressed by society Mahoran and I understand. But you know that not everything can be done one day, not everything can be done even in a year and it is my duty to tell you and you say. This is not to create false expectations, create disappointing, as there were both in the past. To consolidate a reliable and durable. In the past, you were often promised departmentalization and no you were not given. We have given you the departmentalization and we keep all our commitments.
I ask Marie-Luce Penchard to report annually with the elected representatives of Mayotte on the implementation of the pact and I will personally make sure that the departmentalization takes any delay and be conducted according to the schedule we have planned. Already, the government has met its commitments on a topic that has been the subject of much criticism, the reliability of the civil status of Mahorais.
The State has made decisions quickly. The reform commission of the civil works again. The rule about 1 000 cases per month. We will accelerate this device and I can tell you that from September, officials will travel to villages to help those who wish to complete their file.
I want to strongly encourage the Mahorais to engage in this process because in a year, it will not be possible to file new cases.
The Government was also empowered by the Parliament last May by orders to reform the law of marriage, which will include an end to polygamy. When one wants to return to the French Republic, it accepts all the values and principles. The same court orders to remove the religious, which is not compatible with the principles of the French Republic.
I know that another subject of great concern to the Mahorais is that the fight against illegal immigration. It is an important topic for social cohesion; again, the State did not waste any time. The government and its representatives to Mayotte will show no weakness. Under the authority of the Prefect, an important and growing are devoted to this fight: we have put in place additional national police and gendarmerie, we have strengthened our maritime assets, we have improved the coordination of services and already there are results with 16 000 people have been renewed at the border each year for three years and this will probably be a little more this year!
We all know that in these results, it is an investment that was very important is that the location of three radars. I want to tell you that I decided to supplement the fourth by installing a radar in the south of the island, to ensure full coverage of the lagoon. We will add a helicopter in support of the National Gendarmerie, which will be permanently positioned in Mayotte, which will be an important reinforcement for aerial surveillance has demonstrated its effectiveness.
But I want to tell you, my dear friends, that all these results remain inadequate as a society Mahoran does not address the causes of illegal immigration. The employment of illegal workers or rental of unhealthy cells are unacceptable, first for the dignity of the human person, but since then they have immigration flows that could ultimately destabilize society Mahoran. I want to address another concern is the fate of unaccompanied children. I asked the Minister of Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Solidarity Development in conjunction with Secretary of State responsible for Overseas Territories and the General Council of Mayotte, make proposals to end this tragic situation.
Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, become a department is also moving towards equality Republican. First, equality of opportunity. Equality of opportunity requires a sustained effort ever for education. Trained youth of Mayotte will be a wealth and a driver for the development of the island and our country as a whole. The state has invested heavily in school buildings. In 10 years, 7 colleges and 5 schools were built. And in five years, the budget of National Education in Mayotte has been doubled from 116 to 230 million euros. We will continue this effort and I want to tell you that I gave my agreement to build a second high school Mamoudzou.
The state also increases every year the number of teachers and professors in charge of the mission challenging to train and educate young Mahorais. 100 new posts of teachers are assigned in September to Mayotte and 120 posts of teachers are open locally at competitive examination, to reinforce staffing in future years. With these capabilities, we intend to combat the problems of overcrowding, which may affect the acquisition of basic knowledge and particularly the french, so vital to the future of your children. I request the services of National Education in Mayotte to use these additional resources to ensure that no elementary class exceeds 28 pupils. It is an imperative. These reinforcements will also provide an opportunity for families to host in nursery schools for all children 4 years old at the beginning of 2009 and all children from 3 years to the beginning of 2010.
The departmentalization is also social equality. I watched in the pact to what makes a firm commitment in this direction, so that Mahorais benefit in the end, the same rights in the island than anywhere else in the territory of the French Republic. I can confirm the adjustment of family allowances and allowances for disabled adults since 2010 and a fuller implementation of housing allowances will also be produced. All social welfare will then be implemented from 2012 and progress to achieve the same level as in France or at the Meeting in a generation. Depending on economic growth and development of Mayotte, together we can accelerate the build-up of this process.
But Ladies and Gentlemen, we must be aware that all these developments, economic and social, will cause profound changes. It is important to ensure that these reforms do not not break the social bond that exists Mayotte, that all these reforms do not break existing solidarities. We must on the contrary, they are complete, they must be for local development.
The departmentalization is also the choice of a model of economic development. The departmentalization should encourage you to develop pathways that will generate a real development. I think of aquaculture. This development requires, of course, investment, infrastructure and support. A fund for economic, social and cultural development will be installed on the establishment of the department. I asked Marie-Luce Penchard me make proposals for the establishment of this fund. But immediately, the State has decided to intensify its effort in favor of Mayotte. First, we mobilize our part without delay in the project contract state Mayotte. It must be that by 2014, the 336 million euros that the state has planned to devote to infrastructure development in Mayotte were effectively and efficiently used. In addition, the plan, implemented under the authority of Patrick Devedjian, who is accompanying me and I thank him for being by my side, reinforces the commitment of the State. It helps to support the work of your Small and Medium Businesses with 12 million euros that were granted last March, including the renovation of schools in all municipalities of the island. I want to announce that, given the successful implementation of these projects, I decided to give a new package of more than 6 million euros in Mayotte. This package will include further work on school buildings, improve roads, by Mamoudzou, in the Little Earth and in rural areas.
Ladies and gentlemen, dear compatriots Mahorais, March 29, you have invited to a demanding and ambitious. This approach, it will be realized only by a serious and abiding commitments. Precipitation, escalation is not a guarantee of success. We must prefer dialogue and consultation on the model of the States General of the Overseas Territories, which I shall now, in a few moments, listen to records for Mayotte. We are fully engaged in a dynamic of development, we must continue and expand. I want to tell you that I am proud of the confidence Mahorais whose honor the French Republic. I want to tell you that I am confident in the ability of our citizens of Mayotte to include their future in the Republic, in accordance with its principles but also in recognition of your identity and culture.
My dear compatriots Mahorais, you can count on me and the entire Government, to write with you, with the creation of the Department of Mayotte in the French Republic a new, beautiful and a great page of your history, our common history. Mayotte Vive, vive la France, vive la République.


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