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Elections in France





Prime Minister of France
By David at 06/03/2009 - 05:02

Head of the Administration: the Prime Minister of France.
The number and titles held by ministers and the division of duties and purviews between them varies from cabinet to the next.
Current Ministerial positions (with their current titles):
    * Minister of the Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Planning
          o Minister of Territorial Development ("Aménagement du Territoire") - see Minister of the Environnement
          o Minister of Transportation - see Minister of the Environnement
          o Minister of Public Works ("Travaux Publics" or "Equipement") - see Minister of the Environnement
          o Minister of the Sea - see Minister of the Environnement
    * Minister of the Interior, Overseas and Territorial Collectivities (combined with Minister of Worship - Ministre des cultes)
    * Minister of Foreign and European Affairs
    * Minister for the Economy, Industry and Employment
          o Minister of Tourism - see Minister of the Economy
    * Minister of Labour, Social Relations, Family, Solidarity and City (formerly "Minister of Social Affairs")
    * Minister of Justice and "Keeper of the Seals"
    * Minister of Agriculture and Fishing
    * Minister of National Education (formerly "Minister of Public Instruction")
    * Minister of Higher Education and Research
    * Minister of Defence
    * Minister of Health and Sports
    * Minister of Housing
    * Minister of Culture and Communication
    * Minister of Budget, Public Accounting and Civil Servants
    * Minister of Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Solidary Development
Ministerial positions which no longer exist:
    * Minister of Posts, Telegraphs, and Telephones
    * Minister of Labour and Social Security Provisions - see "Minister of Employment"
    * Minister of War - see "Minister of Defence"
    * Minister of the Marine - formerly "Minister of Marine and Colonies"
    * Minister of the Merchant Marine
    * Minister of National Economy (e.g. under the Popular Front - merged with Minister of Finance)
    * Minister of the Blockade ("Ministre du Blocus") - during World War I
    * Minister of Air - merged into Minister of Defense
    * Minister of Information - formerly Minister of Propaganda
    * Minister of Pensions - merged into Minister of the Economy
    * Minister of Commerce and Industry - merged into Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry
    * Minister of Police (1796-1818, 1852-53) - merged into Minister of the Interior
    * Post-War Ministerial positions:
          o Minister of Reconstruction and Town Planning
          o Minister of Veterans and War Victims
Secretaries of State and Ministers during the Ancien Régime
    * Principal ministre de l'état - see Prime Minister of France
    * Controller-General of Finances
    * Chancellor of France
    * Constable of France
    * Secretary of State for War (France)
    * Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (France)
    * Secretary of State of the Maison du Roi - also oversaw Religious Affairs, the Buildings of the King, and administration of Paris and the provinces.
    * Secretary of State of the Navy (France)
    * Secretary of State for Protestant Affairs


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