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Prime Minister called for "a European plan for the public finances"
By David at 06/10/2009 - 06:22

In a speech to the National Assembly, Tuesday, June 9, two days after the European elections and on the eve of the European Council of 18 and 19 June, the Prime Minister called for "a European plan for the public finances" in order to organize "a return to acceptable levels of deficits and public debts".
François Fillon returned to the score obtained by the Europe-Ecologie, which "confirms the growing importance of environmental issues (...). 58% of our citizens say that their vote was not commissioned by the issues of domestic politics, this which is an encouraging sign for European democracy, "he told MPs.
He added, referring to the results of the presidential majority, Sunday June 7: "I say to the majority it can be proud of this result (...) It is the recognition of the work done by the French Presidency of the European Union, under the unique authority of the President of the Republic. It is also the result of the unity of the majority and the clarity of his plan for a political Europe ".


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