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open-ended strikes
By David at 10/12/2010 - 16:49

Isn’t that fun to strike again and again? How about open-ended strikes? This retirement age strike may never end. Tuesday's strikes marked the fourth day of protests in five weeks. Past walkouts lasted only one day. The battle over France's retirement age from 60 to 62 has gone on for months, but this week could be the final one. With the Senate expected to pass the pension reform bill by the week's end, some unions have upped the ante by declaring open-ended strikes, meaning Tuesday's walkouts could drag on for days or even weeks. According to AP, Workers tried to shut down France on Tuesday with strikes affecting transportation, schools and the postal service in a showdown with President Nicolas Sarkozy over his government's attempt to increase the retirement age by two years to save money.
Bernard Thibault, head of the CGT labor union, told i-Tele news channel that this time the strikes "will continue for as long as needed."
Train drivers launched an open-ended strike Monday night, and the work stoppages widened to other sectors Tuesday. High school students were also expected to walk out of hundreds of schools.


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