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Office of Non Governmental Affairs
By David at 05/11/2009 - 05:59

The Mission

4101 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, DC 20007
(1) (202) 944-6000
(1) (202) 944-6268

Advisor for Non Governmental Affairs
Pierre Bollinger

Jean-Sébastien Cagnioncle

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        The American civil society is a vibrant, thriving actor, whose influence goes well beyond the national borders of the United States. Attached to the cultural services of the French Embassy, the Office for Non-Governmental Affairs works closely with other services to help foster transatlantic dialogue and effective partnerships between France at large and American NGOs, associations, foundations, think-tanks and local communities.It covers a particularly wide array of issues, ranging from development aid, environmental defense to human rights, and decentralized cooperation.
Americans of all ages, all stations in life, and all types of dispositions are forever forming associations […] In every case, at the head of any new undertaking, where in France you would find the government or in England some territorial magnate, in the United States you are sure to find an association

- Alexis de Tocqueville



        The Office reports to the French Administration and help inform the more general public on the US NGO’s, Foundations and think-tank major initiatives, programs, advocacy campaigns, innovative approaches and debates on a wide range of topics, from philanthropy to climate change, aid effectiveness, education programs, struggle against HIV, children’s rights or cooperation between local communities. Conversedly, it helps inform the american public regarding initiatives taken in France, projects and programs led by NGO’s and NGO’s Platform, such as Coordination Sud. The Office website is updated regularly, and a electronic newsletter is soon to be published.



        Dialogue is critical in order to avoid misrepresentations, understand differences, locate convergences, promote partnerships, substiantiate friendship . The Office supports and help organize meetings, seminars, conferences between french officials, as well as french civil society representatives, and major actors of the american civil society. This dialogue covers critical issues such as, for instance, agricuture and trade, the role of NGO’s in international arenas, risk preventions at the local level, or relationships between humanitarian NGO’s and the military. The office helps promote french and european views and outlooks, as diverse, plural and sometime conflicting as they can be, both governmental and non-governmental.



        Last, but not least, the Office for Non-Governmental Affairs helps build and sustain strategic partnerships between NGO’s (such as Médecins du Monde and Africare), NGO platforms (such as Interaction and Coordination Sud), French public agencies (such as the French Development Agency or the Institute for Research on Development), US Foundations (such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, or Hewlett) and local communities (cities or regions).


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