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Hudson Valley Meetup


Francophiles and Francophones,
If you live in the lower Hudson Valley (Northwest of New York City), check this out…
This French Language & Culture Meetup is for you
if you would like to practice and improve your French and meet like-minded people.
if you are interested in francophone cultural activities, events, tours and trips.
if you enjoy making new friends and having fun together on a regular basis.
if you enjoy French food and if you want to express your joie de vivre.
Come and join us!
We meet at least once per month at beginner/intermediate and advanced levels. Of course, native speakers are welcome.
Joignez-vous à nous et pratiquez votre français à différents niveaux.
Faites connaissance de personnes qui ont les mêmes intérêts que vous,
dans une atmosphère sympathique et agréable.
Express yourself in French, in a relaxed atmosphere among new friends and let’s have fun.
Click here for more information:
Greta, Organizer



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