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French lost 10 soldiers because the Italian did not inform the French the bribes.
By David at 10/15/2009 - 05:22

According to Times, the Italian paid bribes. (The Italian denied it)

The Taliban and the insurgent Hezb-i-Islami faction claimed responsibility for the attack.

Before the French replaces the Italian forces in July, the Italian forces had suffered only one combat death in the previous year. This makes a false impression that the area is not as dangerous. That is why the French troops were relatively lightly armed and insufficiently backed up by air cover when they were ambushed by 170 heavily armed insurgents.
The Italian did not inform the French the bribes to keep the Sarobi area near Kabul quiet in the months before French forces moved in.
The French had been in charge of the area for just a month when the 10 soldiers were killed in an insurgent ambush in August 2008, in one of the biggest single losses of life for NATO forces in Afghanistan.
A senior NATO officer in Kabul told the newspaper: "It might well make sense to buy off local groups and use non-violence to keep violence down. But it is madness to do so and not inform your allies."


by David on Fri, 10/16/2009 - 06:02


Italy and NATO on Thursday denied a report that Italian intelligence secretly paid the Taliban thousands of dollars to keep the peace in an Afghan area under Italian control.
Premier Silvio Berlusconi's office called the report in the Times of London "completely groundless." The Italian defense minister denounced it as "rubbish" and said he wanted to sue the newspaper.
In Kabul, a U.S. spokesman for NATO forces in Afghanistan denied the allegations. "We don't do bribes," Col. Wayne Shanks said. "We don't pay the insurgents."
"The article has unnamed sources, innuendo and hyperbole," Shanks said. "We see no evidence of any of the accusations."



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