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France is undergoing a "transition period"
By David at 06/27/2009 - 05:39

François Fillon visited Friday 26 June, at Nogent-le-Rotrou (Eure-et-Loire) to inaugurate the extension of the company B. Braun Medical SAS and meet business leaders of the department, in the presence of Hervé Novelli, Secretary of State for Trade, Crafts, SMEs, Tourism, Services and Consumer Affairs.
In his closing speech, the Prime Minister delivered a tribute to the leaders of the department, and more generally in the central region, recognizing that the situation is not easy, [that] the successive industrial restructuring and [that] the employment situation is extremely tense. "
Considering that since the crisis, France is undergoing a "transition period", François Fillon called for "rethinking the whole system and build the foundation for prosperity tomorrow."
Adding that structural deficits reaching "levels that may endanger the very survival of our economic systems if we can not control them," the Prime Minister reiterated that there would be no "policy of austerity, not of "increased charges" but it should continue to "reduce the expenses of the State if we want to continue to finance expenditures vital to the nation."


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