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François Fillon intervention for closure of the General de l'Outre-Mer
By David at 07/16/2009 - 04:31

Let me first say that I feel very emotional to sit for the second time in this Chamber. I had come with the Baman president in 1994, along with Édouard Balladur, and I found the scene with great emotion - as I know all the way which has been covered since, as already debate on the departmentalization was alive.
To ensure that these commitments are well maintained, and that restitution is consistent with what you want, we decided that there would be a monitoring committee of the States General. This monitoring committee could be composed as the organizing committee of the General - but it is up to you to decide and discuss with Ms. Penchard. And we will have an annual appointment with the monitoring committees to ensure that the implementation of the General goes smoothly as everyone wants.
So let me now say a word about method: I came not to enter the States General, I am not come to listen to the reports you have brilliantly summarized in a few minutes to tell you these are the decisions of the state - not ! We are in a process of dialogue, real dialogue. You still have work to do to format your proposals, then we will organize a national return, and finally, under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic, there will be an interdepartmental committee of the Overseas Territories, where we will implement the decisions arising from the States General.
I would simply make a few remarks, both about how you have conducted this work, and then a few points you raised. On the way you have conducted this work, I congratulate you for the climate, particularly constructive and inclusive of these States-General. I want to note the wisdom and goodwill of all political, economic and social rights, which have all played the game of this major consultation, which by the way - I would say in passing - is the largest ever consultation Apart -Wednesday, in a subject as vast as the future, the economic, social and cultural development.
I would particularly like to congratulate the social partners, since the MEDEF and the CFDT, which are expressed, agreed to chair a workshop. I think that is very much the spirit of social democracy that I hope and I would like to see the overseas departments, but also the mainland, gradually build. Everyone knows that we do not, either in France or overseas, sufficiently familiar with the social dialogue - we are more accustomed to social confrontation. Look around us: in most major developed countries, there is a dialogue much calmer, which allows to define solutions that are solutions accepted by all.
I see another reason for the constructive and inclusive climate is how Mayotte appropriated the States General. This is not an organization that has fallen from above, and which you would have adapted, so really you have focused your thinking on issues of concern to your country, and which are not necessarily the other territoires d'Outre-Mer.
Copy this climate, I think that he moved permanently to the island, ie the need to build on the States General, and how you have organized, to consider all the consequences of departmentalization. And I would stress this point: the departmentalization, it is not the end is a beginning. You will say that it was very long to get, some think it is an outcome, but in fact it all starts now. This is not because you have texts, organizations, institutions that will be the same as those of all the departments of the French Republic, provided that the problems you are familiar with, and in particular the specific problems in Mayotte will be deleted as this. Now we need you to continue together in the most consistent as possible, with cohesion as hard as possible, to work on the implementation of departmentalization in the mind of a social project, a project of economic, social, cultural, to be yours, and nobody can invent it for you.
I now turn to some proposals made, or topics that were discussed. First, the purchasing power. I understand, of course, that the sensitivity on this issue is particularly strong here, for the reasons you mentioned earlier: the remoteness, lack of local production, problems related to differences in wages. Naturally, all these problems there will not be solved in one day, but I would like to make a commitment to you: we will set up a department responsible for competition and suppression of fraud, permanently Mayotte, because it is a subject that deserves special attention of the State. It will be in place before the end of this year, here in Mayotte.
We must not, however, you believe that this single issue will solve the problems of living. These problems can be resolved only by the economic development of the island. There are no miracle solutions. Yogurt has come from Normandy, he will always be more expensive to Mayotte in Normandy. And we can find all the solutions of the world, this issue will not be resolved other than through the development of local production, the development of local activities, development of trade with your neighbors.
The second issue I noted is that of land. I want to tell you that I will sign, on my return to Paris, the decree on the "zone of fifty not geometric." I know that it is eagerly awaited. I hope it will allow a rational policy for regularization of land for private occupants. I hope it will enable the State, finally, I am sure he will allow the State to provide land of Commons, to build infrastructure, and especially to build social housing. A controlled and dynamic land is the first step towards sustainable growth. And I noted also that, as regards the issue of sustainable growth, you did a lot of proposals, many of which are exploitable. And priority for the government, it is naturally to help you create private employment, as part of the sustainable development perspective.
To do so, the State has decided - as I announced just now - to create a new tool: the Fund for economic, social and cultural development. This is a new tool that will support the establishment of departmentalization. It will be us, together, define the conditions for using this tool, but I would like to discuss some ideas already: this fund could support the activities of processing, it could support aquaculture, could enable acquisition to modernize longline fishing - a few examples of areas where the state can assist in creating economic activity specific to the island, allowing for gradual development that is harmonious development.
I think that Mayotte has many advantages for success: youth, provided that they are better educated - I mentioned earlier the construction of a new school, the establishment of posts further to reach a framework that is tailored to the needs of Mayotte. Your identity, which is itself an engine of success and development. And then your environment: your environment must be preserved, but must also be a tool for local development. I obviously want to talk about tourism, for which there are great efforts to Mayotte. I know that there are obstacles, but you know, you should always start. If one waits until the air is exactly what you want or expected that any such equipment is made ... We must put a plan in place, begin to initiate the effort. From this point of view, Hervé NOVELLI be alongside Penchard Madam, at your disposal to build a true tourist policy that is up to the exceptional which is that of Mayotte.
In this work of construction of your development, I would simply tell you to inspire you to what has worked and what failed in the other overseas departments. You have the chance to get in, you can look at what happened and try not to repeat the same mistakes as others. First mistake to avoid: that of building a totally artificial development, development that does not rely primarily on local development. Second mistake to avoid is damaging this wonderful environment, which is your main resource. Look at the efforts we are doing in other territories for the wrongs that were committed, and protect the environment. You're lucky, you have an environment that is virtually intact, it is obviously a chance that must not be wasted.
Let your development and is thought to be focused locally, through the initiatives by the energy and the work of each, in respect of your identity. And finally, it is necessary that this local presence, which is the heart of economic development is not only an openness to the world. You just now spoke very well: in the context of globalization, which is characteristic of development of our country, like all other powers, must both think locally, and we must act globally he must act in light of the full opening of borders. Your regional environment on the edge of an ocean of growth, at the crossroads of an Asia whose economy is booming, and an Africa whose population explodes, well, that many opportunities, you back to seize. We'll be there for you to help you enter, but you have the key to your development. I shall never cease to repeat this message. Finally, I wish to conclude by saying that I feel, with members of government that me, a lot of pride and great sorrow at the massive choice Mahorais to base their future in the French Republic.


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