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Flight AF447 flight recorder retrieved
By David at 05/02/2011 - 01:26

Flight AF447 flight recorder retrieved:
statement by Pierre-Henri Gourgeon, CEO of AIR FRANCE KLM
Sunday 1 May 2011
"Air France has been informed by the French Accident & Investigation Bureau that a flight recorder (black box) from the Airbus A330, operating the Rio-Paris-Charles de Gaulle flight which disappeared over the Atlantic on 1 June 2009, has been found and retrieved.
This new step in the investigation is very significant as it may provide additional information as to the causes of this accident that remain unexplained to this day.
We hope that the BEA, in charge of the technical investigation, will be able to provide answers to questions that relatives of the victims, Air France and the entire airline industry have been asking for nearly two years as to why this tragic accident occurred.
On behalf of Air France, I would like to thank not only the authorities who have continued to employ unprecedented means for this search, but also the crew of the Ile de Sein ship as well."


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