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Commercial Exchanges
By David at 05/11/2009 - 05:06

Commercial Exchanges

The treaty of 1778 was meant to develop ’friendship and commerce" between France and the United States. In time, this double mission was accomplished, witbout it being clear whether sentimental or financial reasons played the greater role. In Dr. Jacob’s pharmacy on the corner of Peachtree and Marietta Streets in Atlanta, Georgia, "French coca wine," the future symbol of the "American way of life, " made its debut in 1885. The beverage was renamed Coca Cola by its ingenious inventor John S. Pemberton, who wanted to distinguish his product from that of his competitor, the Vin Martani. Pemberton’s product was an ideal "pick-me-up." It soothed frayed nerves, cured headaches, asthenia, stomach cramps and other ailments. This miracle concoction, of which Pemberton only sold a few glasses a day, would someday conquer the world. By June 1944, American troops had consumed more than five billion bottles of this "essence of America" since the beginning of World War 11. Dozens of bottling factories were opened around the world, pumping out the beverage as fast as the G.I.s could drink it. The liberated countries soon appreciated Coca Cola and chewing gum with as much enthusiasm as their new found liberty.


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