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ceremony of solemn tribute to Adrien Zeller
By David at 09/05/2009 - 06:23


Prime Minister's speech delivered at the ceremony of solemn tribute to Adrien Zeller   Aug. 27, 2009

With the death of Adrien Zeller, Alsace loses one of its political figures among the most attractive and most respected.

She is now in mourning, and I am among you, to express the solidarity of the Government.
I met Adrian, and I measure how much his loss is heartbreaking for all those who loved and knew him. May his family and loved ones can find in the emotional tribute to him that we dedicate today, one of comfort.
Ministers, MPs, elected from right or left, simple citizens, evidence of infection have not ceased to flow for several days.
This unanimous enthusiasm is a sign that our Republic was hit by a sincere emotion. Although beyond its walls, many French feel that the silence of death has come to cover a noble and generous voice.
Mayor of Severn for nearly 20 years, General Counsel, MEP, Member of Parliament from 1973 to 1997, Minister President of region, Adrien Zeller voice was that of a passionate and an atypical n'eu consistently used Alsace, France and Europe.
It was the voice of a free man, driving comfort and convenience of shoving conservatism.
It was the voice of a man of integrity whose franchise was unaware of the false pretenses that sometimes haunt public life.
It was the voice of the Rhine with regional pride lit service of the nation and fight for a fraternal Europe. A Europe that he could not imagine otherwise than united and driven by the Franco-German friendship.
True to his centrist beliefs, Adrien Zeller never was the man of a party, if not the party of good men.
This man of action and projects obeyed his conscience and all his political battles are marked independence of tone and spirit.
He was a Democracy activist balanced and respectful of differences. Just like the land where Rhenish intertwined for many centuries cultures and faiths, tolerance natural Adrien Zeller was not restricted only to the extreme parties.
No complacency for intolerance: This principle guided his steps when the political circumstances demanded.
Adrien Zeller believed in man than in the structures, and ideas more than ideology.
His intellectual openness was not within a political calculation but a mood, a gesture from the heart!
It was his way to serve and act for others and with others. In this, he honored the portion of light that exists in each individual.
On behalf of this humanism, Adrien Zeller does not dissociate the economic advancement of social progress.
Before the current excesses of capitalism without financial benchmarks and unethical, how does not distinguish a thought that refused to see our world stripped of its most essential values?
How can we not discern in the local commitment Adrien Zeller, the fierce desire to serve man closest to the citizen.
In 1986, named from Philippe Séguin Secretary of State for Social Security in the Government of Jacques Chirac, he imagines a minimum subsistence income while he experienced in his town of Saverne.
This device will not see the day, but it prefigured the Revenue Minimum d'Insertion.
The fate of the human condition ran commitment Adrien Zeller.
"We can write André Malraux-making trains, cars, rockets, but the central question remains: what kind of man he puts it?".
It seems that Adrien Zeller has never ceased to act under the seal of this fundamental question.
Suspicious of centralized state, he was a tireless advocate ambitious regionalization.
His choice for a deep decentralization met his fierce desire to offer Alsace its full radiance.
Under his leadership, region took a dramatic rise. Land, infrastructure, scientific innovation, culture is a real development project Adrien Zeller impulse.
"I am not the man of tricks, skills, tricks. I want to be judged on the reality of my actions," he said.
The reality of his action, we discern in the face of this modern Alsace and solidarity that he wished for.
But the love of this land, so intense was it, do not summed alone vision of decentralization.
There was also his conviction that our national genius is based on the diversity of our roots and our provinces.
On the strength of our local ties, he saw the sources of our national unity.
The best way to honor the memory of the dead is to think and act as if they were still among us.
The disappearance of Adrien Zeller we are to act with passion and tolerance for the public good.
She calls you to continue its commitment to Alsace.
It requires us to pursue his dream of a Europe more united and more determined.
It also invites us, and elected leaders, to behave with dignity. We are neither celebrities nor stars, but elected to serve our country and our citizens.
To be honest, it behooves us to act for the Republic as Adrien Zeller did it with generosity and integrity.
We will then, ladies and gentlemen, loyal to his memory



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