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ceremonies of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War
By David at 09/05/2009 - 06:30

Speech by the Prime Minister, François Fillon, the ceremonies of the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War
01.sept 2009
Ladies and gentlemen,
The Europe is strong in his memory, his strong moral and cultural unity; strong shared history that forged his tests.
In Gdansk, where on 1 September 1939, the Second World War aflame, Poland has been the experience of sacrifice and pain. But it's for the honor of Europe as a whole it has struggled - as she struggled again in 1980 under the banner of Solidarity.
The emotion that brings us here is deep. It is complex. It feeds on grief, pride, remorse, admiration and hope. It reflects the changing fate of a continent torn apart, and then subsided; divided, then united.
Peninsula Westerplatte left the first cries of a terrible conflict, the bloodiest that humanity has ever known.
For the shells of enemy cavalryman, 200 Polish soldiers have answered the great lesson of faith and heroism that the country opposes, for over two centuries, the cruelties of war and harsh authoritarianism.
From the first hours of conflict, a Polish resistance rose more durable than concrete bunkers.
A few weeks later, the Polish army was defeated.
Nine months later, de Gaulle saw France in turn "thunderstruck by mechanical force, land and air, the enemy".
Between France and Poland, revived the story in blood secular solidarity. Our two countries have always fought side by side for freedom and that of Europe.
On December 20, 1939, the Polish government in exile settled in France, in Angers, where General Sikorski was setting up a free Polish army of over 80 000 men, before the French defeat in June 1940 forced him to do to win England.
The Polish government in exile landed in the British capital June 18, 1940, the day when General de Gaulle declared for Radio London: "Whatever happens, the flame of French resistance must not be extinguished and not go out! "
For six years, our two countries, men and women who love freedom have struggled against barbarism.
Soldiers French, Polish and Franco-Polish put their lives at Narvik, Tobruk, Arnhem. They were exposed at Monte Cassino, taken May 18, 1944 by volunteers of the Polish General Anders. They were exposed on the coast of Normandy, fought heroically when the 1st Armored Division of General Maczek ..
I pay an emotional tribute to the Polish people and their fighters, men and women who, in the secrecy of the Armia Krajowa's army inside the resistance, in churches, schools, clandestine universities, have risked everything to accomplish what honor dictated to them.
I think those who, overcoming unspeakable relief where they were immersed, participated in the Ghetto Uprising and the Warsaw uprising.
I think the great figures Polish heroes of the Jewish community and the Righteous among the nations to Marek Edelman, who founded 66 years ago the Jewish Fighting Organization with his comrades to Irena Sendler, who saved more than 2 000 Jewish children in Wladyslaw Bartoszewski Catholic student of 17 years, became a major interpreter of the moral and intellectual demands of the country.
We will not forget the light that their actions were planned in a time of darkness and it was under their auspices that we now speak of the future.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The European ideal of peace nurtured by the best minds of past centuries now embodied in our European institutions.
After the war, Germany has been renewed in their birth a major role. And Russia, now transformed dialogue with them.
The European Union is to base a common political will.
Its ramparts of intangible values, first and foremost respect for national sovereignty, dignity of the human person, inalienable individual rights, the absolute refusal of any discrimination by race, sex, origin or belief.
For centuries, in the Hanseatic Gdansk symbolized everything that agreement and contact the people could build.
With the enthusiasm of Solidarity, and the fortitude of Lech Walesa, became a bastion of our liberties.
Here were born more of personal convictions that allow us to live and work together.
We are today not at the margins, but at the heart of Europe, in a large country of Europe, including the election of Jerzy Buzek on the presidency of the European Parliament has devoted integration yours.
Together we face a series of common challenges: economic crisis, global warming, promoting future technologies, safety, energy security, fight against terrorism, migration control ...
The European Union offers solutions to these challenges, provided that its members have the political will to implement them.
I know the ambitious contribution that Poland can make.
Marked by memories of war and suffering, it should be, with our support and friendship, a place of invention of the future.
At the heart of Gdansk, facing the old docks, there are free land when Poland will create and build.
Then, the tragedy that opened here, there are seventy years, has not only met his end: he has had his answer.


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