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Bonjour and Welcome to!

Bonjour and Welcome to is the home of the LinkedIn group "French Connections". Members will have to create an account. An email will be requested to activate your account. Upon responding to this email, you will be accepted into the new French Connections Group. Business and individuals will have a better way to promote their internet presence by creating their own web page and finding business or job opportunities at


The French, Expats or Francophiles are all welcome. Are you looking for chat rooms or a place you can associate with other Americans living in France? Or were you born in England, married someone from France, and moved to California? Are you French who is studying in an English speaking University? Or are you simply an Australian who lives in France? Or you just love the French cuisine? Whatever your background, this is the place where there are others at the forum


Coming Soon: Throughout history, France has been one of the most powerful European nations, but also a place of inspiration and intellect. The French mystique is built up by the revolutionary philosophies, beautiful artwork, delectable cuisine, intricate architecture, and unique personalities found there. Home of the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Notre Dame, and Moulin Rouge, France is one of the world's top tourist destinations. One of many goals of will be to create a comprehensive guide to visiting France.


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