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Bilateral Treaties and Agreements
By David at 05/11/2009 - 05:44

Bilateral Treaties and Agreements

Following is a chronological index of most bilateral treaties between France and the United States starting with the treaty for the cession of Louisiana in 1803. While most of the treaties have been signed by France and the United States on the same day, some have not. The dates mentionned on this page are the dates of signature by France.

Full text transcripts of many multilateral and bilateral treaties and agreements to which France is a party are available online in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs PACTE database.

April 30, 1803
Treaty for the cession of Louisiana

Januray 6, 1909
Extradition convention

November 16, 1911
Money order agreement

February 2, 1913
Parcel post convention

August 28, 1914
Parcel post convention

September 15, 1914
Treaty to facilitate the settlement of disputes

June 30, 1924
Convention for prevention of smuggling of intoxicating liquors

November 6, 1927
Exchange of notes for relief from double income tax on shipping profits

January 30, 1928
Arrangement for the direct exchange of certain information regarding the traffic in narcotic drugs

February 6, 1928
Treaty of arbitration for the settlement of Pacific disputes

August 19, 1931
Postal money order convention

December 7, 1935
Parcel post convention

February 28, 1945
Lend-lease agreement

August 14, 1945
Exchange of official publications agreement

November 8, 1945
Understanding relating to article VII of the lend-lease agreement signed Feb 28, 1945

May 28, 1946
Understanding regarding settlement for lend-lease, reciprocal aid, surplus war property, and claims, with related documents

June 18, 1946
Agreement relating to U.S. air service facilities on French territory

April 4, 1947
Agreement relating to industrial property rights affected by World War II

October 10, 1947
Interment in France and in territories of the French Union, or removal to the United States, of the bodies of American soldiers

October 28, 1947
Amendment to Agreement relating to industrial property rights affected by World War II

February 27, 1948
Expenditures of the United States armed forces in France and French overseas territories

June 28, 1948
Economic cooperation agreement

September 21, 1948
Amendment to Economic cooperation agreement

November 17, 1948
Amendment to Economic cooperation agreement

December 22, 1948
Agreement relating military obligations during the wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 by dual nationals

March 16, 1949
Waiver by France of visa requirements for U.S. citizens

January 9, 1950
Amendment to Economic cooperation agreement of June 28, 1948

January 27, 1950
Mutual defense assistance agreement

May 22, 1951
Amendment to Economic cooperation agreement of June 28, 1948

September 27, 1951
Amendment to Economic cooperation agreement of June 28, 1948

June 13, 1952
Expenditures in the interests of a common defense

July 9, 1952
Agreement relating to guaranties authorized by section 111(b)(3) of the Economic Cooperation Act of 1948

July 1, 1955
Agreement regarding the transport, burial, and embalming of bodies of members of United States forces dying in France

September 23, 1955
Agreement relating to the disposition of defense equipment and material no longer required

March 19, 1956
Grant of plots of land located in France for the creation of permanent military cemeteries or the construction of war memorials

March 12, 1957
Agreement to facilitate interchange of patent rights and technical information for defense purposes

October 28, 1958
Agreement for the transfer of special tools to France under the mutual defense assistance agreement of Jan 27, 1950

March 21, 1959
Agricultural commodities agreement

May 7, 1959
Agreement for cooperation on uses of atomic energy for mutual defense purposes

May 28, 1959
Amendment to the agreement to facilitate interchange of patent rights and technical information for defense purposes

November 25, 1959
Convention of establishment

September 19, 1960
Agreement relating to a weapons production program

November 4, 1960
Agricultural commodities agreement

February 23, 1961
Cooperation in intercontinental testing in connection with experimental communications satellites

July 27, 1961
Agreement for cooperation in the operation of atomic weapons systems for mutual defense purposes

September 1, 1961
Issuance of nonimmigrant visas

May 7, 1965
Academic and cultural exchanges and programs in the field of education

May 5, 1966
Agreement concerning the reciprocal granting of authorizations to permit licensed amateur radio operators of either country to operate their stations in the other country

June 16, 1966
Agreement concerning the development of satellite and balloon techniques for the study of meteorological phenomena (Project EOLE)

July 18, 1966
Consular convention

February 12, 1970
Supplementary extradition convention (January 1909)

December 2, 1970
Recognition and protection by France of the appellation of origin of bourbon whiskey and continued protection by the United States of appellations of origin of the French brandies, cognac, armagnac and calvados

February 26, 1971
Action against the illicit narcotic and dangerous drug traffic

August 29, 1973
Agreement relating to the reciprocal acceptance of airworthiness certifications

September 7, 1977
Security of defense information agreement

November 24, 1978
Convention for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on estates, inheritances, and gifts

January 22, 1981
Agreement concerning the transfer of nuclear reactor technology

January 28, 1981
Amendment to the agreement for the coordination of action against the illicit narcotic and dangerous drug traffic

April 13, 1981
International express mail agreement

January 25, 1983
Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons

March 24, 1983
Agreement relating to jurisdiction over vessels utilizing the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port

September 6, 1984
Emergency use of the Combined Forces Base at Hao, French Polynesia, by the U.S. space shuttle

March 2, 1987
Agreement on social security

October 3, 1989
Agreement concerning the wreck of the CSS Alabama

August 31, 1994
Income Tax Treaty

Extradition Treaty

June 18, 1998
Air transport agreement

December 10, 1998
Agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters

October 10, 2000
Agreement to amend the air transport agreement of June 18, 1998

January 18, 2001
Agreement concerning payments for certain losses suffered during World War II

January 22, 2002
Agreement concerning air trafic


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