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Air France flight 447: Brazil ends search for bodies and debris from Air France jet
By David at 06/27/2009 - 05:07

26/06/2009 - 19h02
Final Note - 26.06.09
Command and the Navy Command of the Air report that at the end of today, June 26, was officially given by the end of the largest and most complex operation of Search and Rescue has already carried out by Brazilian armed forces in sea area, both in appearance duration as the magnitude of the means employed.
In these 26 days to search the passengers and crew of Air France flight 447, which disappeared when they flew on the route Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Paris (France), on the night of May 31, 2009 were 51 bodies and rescued more than 600 parts and structural components of the aircraft, and several bags.
The technical reason that determined the end of the search is the impracticability of sights survivors or bodies, primary objective of the operation, already 26 days after the accident. The day on June 12th to 26th, a period of 15 days, only two bodies were recovered, and the last on 17. In the last nine days, no body has been sighted or prey.
The 51 recovered bodies were delivered to the Federal Police and the Department of Social Defense of Pernambuco to the work of identification. The wreckage of the aircraft and luggage collected were delivered to the Bureau d'Investigations et D'Analysis of I'Aviation Pour la Securite Civile (BEA). Research on the factors that contributed to the accident is also the responsibility of the BEA and has the support of the corresponding sector, the Brazilian Center for Research and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (CENIPA).
In 26 days of continuous operation under the responsibility of Brazil, in response to the international search and rescue, the Brazilian Air Force used 12 aircraft and had the support of aircraft from France, U.S. and Spain. The Brazilian Navy has served in rotation with 11 ships in the area of search, totaling about 35 thousand miles navigated, approximately eight times the size of the Brazilian coast.
Were flown around 1500 hours and was conducted visual searches in an area corresponding to 350 thousand square kilometers, more than three times the size of the state of Pernambuco. The R-99 aircraft, in turn, electronic search conducted in an area corresponding to two million square kilometers, eight times the size of the state.
Were directly involved in the 1344 military operation of the Brazilian Navy and 268 from FAB, totaling more than 1,600 professionals in the tasks of search, rescue and support these activities.
Remain in the area to search the resources dedicated to marine capture emissions data and voice boxes of rugged aircraft, coordinated by France.
All the search operation was under the direct responsibility of the Department of Control of the airspace (DECEA) by means of Recife SALVAERO saved in coordination with the Northeast and attended to the provisions of Annex 12 to the Chicago Convention, effective in 1950, which establishes the commitment of signatory countries to the search and rescue operations in their areas of jurisdiction.
Mindful of its mission, the crew and other members of the Navy Command of the Air Command and make your way to work that day just to offer reverence to the pain that mark Brazilian families and the international community.


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