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By David at 07/07/2009 - 06:03


03/07/2009 - 10h07
On July 2, 2009 at 10am (schedule of Brasília), the Bureau d'Investigations et D'Analysis of I'Aviation Pour la Securite Civile (BEA) released the preliminary report on the investigation of the accident with the flight AFR 447 , occurred on May 31.
Aiming to eliminate doubts about the procedures adopted by the Brazilian aviation authority in relation to that event, the Center states the following:
- The AFR Flight 447, as most scheduled flights of commercial aircraft internationally, uses a flight plan called Plan regular flight, given that performance, the route and timing of aircraft are usually the same. Such plans are offered by their airlines to all the air traffic control instructed the control of the aircraft on the route planned for the flight, regardless of the country to which they belong. This procedure was followed in the case of the AFR 447.
- At 22h33 on 31 May, the crew of the AFR 447 was the last radio contact with the body of Brazilian air traffic control, telling the time estimated that over the next virtual positions specified in the route. Immediately after the body of Brazilian air traffic control (ACC ATLANTIC) reported to the Control Center of Dakar (ACC DAKAR) AFR 447 that would be in position to 23h20 virtual TASIL, given that from that position, it to Dakar control over the handling of the aircraft towards France. DAKAR The ACC confirmed the receipt of such information.
- It is noted that, through an operational agreement between the two countries (Brazil and Senegal), if an aircraft enters the airspace of Dakar in the schedule, or even three minutes after this time, does not need any communication between bodies of air traffic control in question to formalize the transfer of the flight. Consequently, at 23h20 on the AFR control 447 now, theoretically, to control the ACC DAKAR, since there was no question that the ACC aircraft.
- This is a region where air traffic control is performed mainly by communication, it DAKAR ACC to give the entrance of the aircraft in its airspace, at 23h20, and warn about possible problems such as lack of radio contact with the AFR 447.
- In the case of AFR 447 was not at any time capture satellite signal transmission of the emergency equipment (ELT), and also any aircraft over a route received request for assistance through the international emergency frequency (121, 5MHz).
- 1:20 a.m. of the day only to June 1, the ACC DAKAR asked the national air traffic control on the position of Brazilian AFR 447. Thus, at 2:20 a.m. the SALVAERO Recife initiated necessary actions for the start of the air operation to locate the missing aircraft, through the original procedures for finding information.
- Consequently, to 03h40 of the day June 1, the SALVAERO Recife triggered the means of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), and the first plane, as the sunrise, was in the movement to perform visual searches in the route overflown by the AFR 447.
Finally, it emphasized that the entire recording of the wording related to AFR Flight 447 was sent to the BEA, which is a procedure which is part of the collection of data necessary to analyze the dynamics of flight.
Brig Air Bermudez Antonio Carlos Moretti
Head of the Media Center of the Air



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